Olympus CEO Takeuchi tells at Nikkei that camera business is strategic for medical business growth

Nikkei.com reports that Olympus CEO Takeuchi once more confirmed that the camera business is strategic for the medical business growth. The company as a whole is doing well and expected to growth double digit in 2020. A goal that can also be achieved thanks to the R&D in the camera division.

Also the Imaging director Shigemi Sugimoto told via Newsswitch that there is an intense “relationship with the medical business. We can contribute to other businesses with two axes: technology that produces high-definition images and know-how in mass production.” Moreover:

Cameras and interchangeable lenses have a rapid development cycle of technologies such as image processing and optics, and will be the driving force of imaging, which is the core of Olympus technology. The technology cultivated in the imaging business is useful for 4K endoscope systems in the medical field.