It’s time to stop living under the illusion Adobe cares what you think

Since almost its inception, Lightroom has been the choice for just about any photographer to organize, batch edit and export images. Folks from amateurs to professionals use the program, and there are thousands of plugins made by the community of fans available for customizing your experience. There are so many videos about Lightroom on YouTube that you can go from knowing nothing about the program to using it like a seasoned veteran in a few hours.

For years now, photographers have given what has ranged between civil and spiteful feedback to Adobe regarding their at first much loved, and now much maligned, Lightroom program. But those comments always came from a place of love. Photographers want the program to be its best because they love the workflows, they enjoy using it, and they just want Adobe to understand how they feel.

They want to feel heard as customers, and Adobe has done their best to give the impression that they are listening to those concerns.

But with today’s announcement regarding the split of Lightroom in two and the retirement of the perpetual software marks yet again their refusal to listen to feedback and only pretend to have our best interests in mind.